Monday, January 12, 2009

1911 Build Index

1911 Build Has Started, I Guess - First parts ordered. 1911 build intro.
Snag - Midway wanted $60 for shipping a frame.
Frame Ordered, Really This Time - Ordered Basic frame straight from Caspian
Picked Up The Caspian Frame - . . . after waiting two months. First set of pictures.
1911 Build Progress - Barrel lower lugs not hitting impact surface.
1911 Build Weekend Update - Cutting 1/4" radius on frame tangs, fitting the grip safety, slide is fitted.
1911 Build Weekend Update II - EGW parts order lost, barrel timing.
1911 Build This Week - Changed grips. Basic progress update.
1911 Build: Getting Close To Test Fire - Picture of semi-finished pistol, more barrel fitting.
1911 Build: EGW Order Came In - Last few parts arrive.
1911 Build: It Works!! - First outing with the assembled pistol.
1911 Build: Parts List
1911 Build: Adjustable Sight Installed

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