Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1911 Build: It Works!!

I fit the bolt-on plunger tube from EGW, and carved out the left grip panel to fit over it. The firing pin stop has been fit to the slide, trimmed to fit under the Wilson adjustable sight, and radiused. After that, the pistol was complete, except for drilling and tapping the slide for the rear sight adjustment screw.

I took it out and shot a box of hardball through it. I had a few stoppages, but I think that’s mostly because it’s still a little tight and the paint that I sprayed on the slide to keep it from rusting was flaking off and jamming up the works. It's also possible that the recoil spring hadn't taken a set yet.

Loaded rounds are not ejecting. I think it’s because the EGW extended ejector is about a half inch or more longer than the military issue part, but I’ll check with the gurus first.

The barrel lugs don't appear to be battered. Firing pin strikes on the primers are only about a thirty-second off center, I don't see any primer flow, and the brass isn't getting beat up.

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