Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Latest Midway Coupon, Expires the 25th

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. . . and now for something completely different

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heinie Sights for New Kahrs Coming!

What's New at Heinie

It's down at the bottom of the page. Currently, you can get sights for Kahrs from Heinie, but only the 1st gen pistols. My PM9 currently only has the factory metal sights with two dots painted on. I'll probably pick some of the Straight Eight night sights sometime in the future.

Listed price is $110.83, which is reasonable considering the machining put into the sights, and the Trijicon Tritium inserts.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Woo Hoo! 2nd Place in Action Match with Irons

I must have had a really good brain day last Sunday. Apparently, I managed to beat all the guys with open guns to take 2nd place in the action match at the local club last week.

I did it with this:

a Glock 17 that I bought used that I have less than $550 in. I popped in a reduced-power firing pin spring for the match. The trigger bar, 5lb. connector, and firing pin are polished. The slug plug is a brass unit from Taylor Freelance. Sights are Heinie Straight Eight Slant Pros with the race cut. I had cut belt slots in the Crossbreed SuperTuck holster, and wore it OWB with some simple kydex mag pouches.

Doug beat me fair and square with the 1911. He's been playing the games longer than I have. I'm not really sure how I beat the guys with open guns who cleaned the plate rack with ease, or the other, better shooters, with full-bore Limited pistols.

I'm wondering if I'll find out later that there was a mistake in the scoring

Springfield Armory XD M-Factor

Springfield Armory "The M-Factor" Home Page

First Impressions Thread on PAFOA Website

First Impressions Thread on Brian Enos Website

The new model is cosmetically redesigned, has interchangable backstraps (grip safety remains, so length of pull is not changed when swapping inserts), the magazine release button has been redesigned to make it easier to activate, there is a second slot on the dustcover rail, and a "match-grade" barrel. The .40S&W pistol can hold 16 rounds in the magazine. The 9mm version holds 19 in the mag, IIRC.

From the thread on the Enos website, it sounds like the trigger has been improved some also. Springfield claims, "The new XD(M)™ trigger has the shortest travel than any currently available polymer pistol along with a similarly short reset which keeps you on target with greater ease for faster, more accurate follow-up shots."

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wal-Mart Keeping Video of Gun Purchasers?

MSNBC article on this nonsense.

I guess this is supposed to be a method of catching "straw purchasers." I suspect the result is that even more Wal-Mart stores have dropped gun sales because they don't feel like following the policy. The stores around here ('burbs of filthydelphia) don't sell guns anymore, and the closest to me has stopped selling ammo too. It's kinda funny though; the guy in the picture looks a lot like the guy that I used to see at the gun counter of the local store.

For some reason, pretty much the whole second half of the article is about NYC mayor Bloomberg's war on "illegal" guns.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Broken Glock Locking Block Story

Posted by Lildobe on 5/1/08 PAFOA forums (Link To Thread):
So I had a friend who is a Glock Certified Armorer show me how to completely tear down my pistol last week and we discovered that the locking block was snapped clean in half!

He'd never seen nor heard this happening before and was quite surprised, but we surmised that from the buildup of carbon and dirt on the broken faces that it's been like this a long time, possibly since before I bought the weapon.

Anyway - he's since returned to his home in Georgia, and is going to drop by Smyrna and get me a new one (Along with an extended slide release )

The point of the story is this though... Since I bought my pistol 8 months ago, I've probably put 5,000 rounds through it - and I've never once noticed anything odd about it's operation! Never a jam, never a FTF or FTE, nothing!

Here's to Glock reliability! Even when they're broken they still work flawlessly!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ooh!! Kahr Mini-380 is Coming!

I happened to be surfing the Kahr Arms site, when I noticed a link to a .380 pistol. A .380 Kahr? Yup, it looks like they are working on a pistol even smaller than the Kel-Tec .380 (P-3AT model).

I guess I'd better sock my "economic stimulus" money away into my money market account for a while so I can get one of these.