Thursday, November 13, 2008


1911 Patriot C.O.P. Class - Online correspondence course. Build a 1911 carry gun.
Alan Eldridge's 1911 Build
Blindhogg's Gunsmithing Site - Good Stuff! - Tons of useful information, forums, blueprints, etc.
Hilton Yam's Technical Information - User's Guide, Choosing a 1911 for Duty Use, Parts and Mods, Magazines, Reliability
So You Want To Buy a 1911? A Basic Primer - Archangel's Blog

Airsoft Forum
Airsoft Retreat - News, forum, and more.
Arnie's Airsoft - Currently the best place to get news that I know of. The Forum is one of the biggest in English.

Ammo Oracle - Information on military and civilian 5.56mm
Georgia Arms - Gold Dot ammo manufactured from new components, for much less than the Speer factory ammo.
Outdoor Marksman - Source for Miwall remanufactured ammo, as well as lots of other shooting stuff.

224,ooo Rounds In 12 Days - Carbine class after action report
Ammo Oracle - Information on military and civilian 5.56mm Ammo Reviews
CMMG lies through their teeth. . . allegedly
Day in the life of a BM [Bushmaster] LE dealer
DIY Bolt Carrier Key Staking
Keep It Running - SWAT Magazine article by Pat Rogers on maintenance and lubrication of the AR-15
Larry Vickers on Lubrication
AR15 Lube Points
Maxicon AR-15 Scope Mount Article
So You Want To Buy An AR-15, Huh? - A primer on picking out an AR-15
What Parts Break In A Carbine Course - forum sticky, with commentary from Pat Rogers

The Firearm Blog
Three Percenters
John Farnham's Quips
Mas Ayoob

GSSF - Glock Shooting Sports Foundation
IDPA - International Defense Pistol Association - A little more realistic to those that want to practice self defense scenarios with normal carry guns and gear.
IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation - Fun, but usually unrealistic courses of fire. Divisions for race guns as well as stock pistols.
USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association - U.S. branch of IPSC. The rules are a little different.

25 Cent Trigger Job - and how to detail strip a Glock with pictures
Brian Enos Glock Technical Forum
Carver Scope Mounts - Probably the best source for Glock frame mounts. Online store has about everything you need for a Glock race gun.
Custom Glock Racing - Source for Heinie Race cut sights and other Glock race parts.
GlockTalk - Everything you wanted to know about Glocks, and way more.
GlockWorx - Source for all kinds of parts for Glock race guns, including a fully adjustable aluminum trigger.
How To Make A Glock Not Suck - Archangel's Blog - I don't like 3.5 connectors in otherwise stock pistols, but it's a decent article otherwise.
OMB Express - Glock Parts on the cheap.
Lone Wolf Distributors - Source for aftermarket stainless steel Glock slides, including some not offered by Glock. One of few sources for Taylor Seattle Slug Plugs.
Natchez Shooter's Supply - Usually a good place to get new Glock mags (and ammo, and lots of other stuff) at a good price.
SJC Custom - Glocksmith and supplier of race gun parts.
Taylor Freelance - Maker of mag extensions for Limited and Open Glocks, and the Seattle Slug Plugs.
Vanek Custom - Glock trigger kits. Check the links for details and picture of his Open gun package. I'm using his trigger bar and springs in my race gun.

Righteous Warrior Temple - Slightly tongue in cheek. Some interesting articles on the site.
U.S. Military Field Manuals
PhotoBucket - Free online image hosting. Used for some pictures on this website. Has not been letting me upload recently

Other Polymer Pistols
M&P 50,000 round test - The pistol was sent strait from S&W, not pulled off a shelf, FWIW
Taylor Freelance - Source for M&P magazine extensions.
XD Talk Forum

Right To Keep And Bear Arms
40 Reasons For Gun Control - humorous, from Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed
National Rifle Association
Second Amendment Foundation

Brownells - #1 source for gunsmithing tools. They also have a huge selection of gun parts and accessories. There is a library of gunsmithing articles on the website. Prices are generally good, but not great.
Chris' Winning Shooting Accessories (C.P.W.S.A.) - Grip tape, race gun parts
Midway USA - Just about everything you could possibly want. Prices are very good, if not the best.
Natchez Shooter's Supply - Good prices on ammo and other shooting stuff.
Outdoor Marksman - Source for Miwall remanufactured ammo, as well as lots of other shooting stuff.
Shooter's Connection - Holsters, very wide selection of 1911 and race gun parts. My only complaint is that the website doesn't tell you if the parts are in stock or not, so you don't know until after you put in the order. Okay, not the only complaint, the web store doesn't tell you the shipping prices. Shipping prices are a bit high, and you don't find out what they charge until you get the invoice with the order.


Gary said...

Do you know where I can find a good ar 15 scope mount? What one would you suggest for my Browning?

Suburban said... and will probably have what you want. is a good place to shop for AR-15 stuff.

For the Browning, it will depend on the model. The only Browning I have is a .22 with built-in rail, so I'm no expert on that one.