Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mandatory Reading

The post is called The Post in Which I Piss Off EVERYBODY.  It's on The Sacred Cow Slaughtered blog.

Credit to Eric at Gunmart Blog for finding it first.

Here's an excerpt:
"At the time the Constitution was written, the weapons in question were muskets."
You know what?  You're right.  And marriage was between one man and one woman.  So what's with gay marriage?  No longer will I offer any moral support, oppose any online statements attacking it, speak out for it.  They have the same right as anyone—to marry someone of the opposite gender.  And given that all gays support raping little boys (just like all gun owners support shooting school kids), I don't think I can support them.  We should do things just the way they were done 220 years ago.  That's the liberal way.
I thought the Bill Evers, "How to convince a socialist" video was pretty cool, although admittedly pretty boring.  This "Post in Which I Piss Off EVERYBODY" is basically Bill Evers' technique masterfully applied to gun control.  I love it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nobody's Going After THEIR Guns?! (Gangster Gun Pr0n)

Found a link to the Charleston Thug Life blog post titled "A Question For Our President." on a forum.

 Makin' it rain!  LOLZ

 Short Barrel Shotgun #1

 Short Barrel Shotgun #2

 Short Barrel Shotgun #3

Uhhh. . . ?

Fortunately, some of the photos feature toy guns or airsoft.

Clearly a molded plastic pistol.

 Appears to be an airsoft pistol.  You can see the inner barrel.

Never heard of an extended Deagle magazine.  The trigger also looks wrong.  I think this is either airsoft or a pellet gun.

On the block you just yap a whole lot
About the clothes that you got
Yo, or the gold that you got
Everybody sees all the friends in your Benz, yo, it's fat
But they ain't gettin money like that
Word to my brother Kenny, jealous one envy
The rich are few, while the poor, many
But you got gold cuffs and cars and stuff
You eatin well, but still in the ghetto you dwell
You know it's hot, so you make it known about your Glock
To any perpetrator tryin to blow up your spot
You grab the microphone and talk a good ramble
You the hardcore outlaw, criminal, vandal
Burnin emcees like a candle, but you frontin
You ain't got nothin, with your life you gamble
One day you gamble up snake eyes
Talkin all that junk about you don't take dives, you take lives
Nobody on the block tries, cause you claim you got powerful ties
So at the red light you arrive
And to your surprise you get heffed up with just two steak knives
You're terrified, they take your Benz, and what makes things worse
You ain't got gun the first

Don't front! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pennsylvania Attorney General Closes "Florida Loophole"

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane (a democrat) has entered into a NEW reciprocity agreement with Florida, thus fulfilling her promise to "close the Florida loophole."  The new agreement specifically requires that requires the holder of a Pennsylvania or Florida permit also have a carry permit from their home state, in order for reciprocity to apply.

Although, by state law, the attorney general is not allowed to modify the terms of a reciprocity agreement, she essentially used a loophole to close a "loophole."

What this means:
  • Those without a Pennsylvania carry permit have until June 8th, 2013 to apply for and receive a permit from their state of residence.  After that date, any FL non-resident permits will not be honored if the person that carries it does not have a permit to carry concealed from their state of residence.  
  • Conversely Pennsylvania non-resident permits are no longer valid in FL, unless the permit holder also has a carry permit from his or her own home state. 
  • If your state of residence will not issue you a carry permit (like New Jersey), they you are shit-outta-luck in Pennsylvania, at least with a Florida non-resident permit.  The June 8th provision only counts for PA residents.
Why does it even matter? - Although Pennsylvania is a "shall-issue" state, under Pennsylvania law, as a "city of the first class," Philadelphia is essentially allowed to be a "may issue" city, and can legally deny applications for carry permits.  The previous attorney general Tom Corbett (now governor) allowed Pennsylvania residents to carry concealed handguns in the state with a Florida non-resident permit, even if they could not get a PA carry permit.

Furthermore, Pennsylvania does not have reciprocity agreements with the bordering states of Ohio and Delaware.  Delaware does not issue non-resident permits at all, and Ohio will only issue you a permit if you have been an Ohio resident for more than 45 days (not necessarily the same thing).  Previously, the Florida non-resident permit was a one-shop-stop, but now you'll need at least two carry permits if you leave the state and go into Delaware or Ohio. Florida also has reciprocity agreements with 3 more states than Pennsylvania.

The reason for the change?  As far as I can tell, the only purpose is to harass law-abiding gun owners.

The United States is not so united when it comes to carrying, or even transporting a firearm.  What's legal on one side of a state border may be completely legal, while it may a felony on the other side of the border.

Aim Surplus Has AK-74 Magazines

Aim Surplus - Bulgarian AK-74 Magazines - $39.95 - "seemingly unissued condition."  I might regret it later, but I'm going to pass this time.  $40 is a lot of money for a surplus magazine.  If you don't have any, or you only have the one that came with your rifle, this may be your chance.

Natchez has Promag AK-74 and AK-47 magazines in stock for around $18.  The new Promag magazines are supposed to be pretty good, but lack the metal reinforcements.  They also have some Glock magazines, but they are running $35 now.  Nosler 9mm bullets at 14 cents each.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gun Control Explained Video

As Ricky Gervais says at the start of every Idiot Abroad episode, "Watch it. . . it's funny."