Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nobody's Going After THEIR Guns?! (Gangster Gun Pr0n)

Found a link to the Charleston Thug Life blog post titled "A Question For Our President." on a forum.

 Makin' it rain!  LOLZ

 Short Barrel Shotgun #1

 Short Barrel Shotgun #2

 Short Barrel Shotgun #3

Uhhh. . . ?

Fortunately, some of the photos feature toy guns or airsoft.

Clearly a molded plastic pistol.

 Appears to be an airsoft pistol.  You can see the inner barrel.

Never heard of an extended Deagle magazine.  The trigger also looks wrong.  I think this is either airsoft or a pellet gun.

On the block you just yap a whole lot
About the clothes that you got
Yo, or the gold that you got
Everybody sees all the friends in your Benz, yo, it's fat
But they ain't gettin money like that
Word to my brother Kenny, jealous one envy
The rich are few, while the poor, many
But you got gold cuffs and cars and stuff
You eatin well, but still in the ghetto you dwell
You know it's hot, so you make it known about your Glock
To any perpetrator tryin to blow up your spot
You grab the microphone and talk a good ramble
You the hardcore outlaw, criminal, vandal
Burnin emcees like a candle, but you frontin
You ain't got nothin, with your life you gamble
One day you gamble up snake eyes
Talkin all that junk about you don't take dives, you take lives
Nobody on the block tries, cause you claim you got powerful ties
So at the red light you arrive
And to your surprise you get heffed up with just two steak knives
You're terrified, they take your Benz, and what makes things worse
You ain't got gun the first

Don't front! 

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