Monday, March 31, 2008

V8 Powered Bar Stool

Hoss Fly Website

Stacy David built one of these on Gearz last week. Basically it's a go-cart frame that you bolt a small-block or big block V8 engine onto. A bar stool top gets screwed onto the top of the air intake.

For the price of a complete Hoss Fly, you could probably buy a late model Camaro, but you'd have a hard time beating it for power to weight ratio.

Safety is somewhat questionable, but it's definately interesting.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Like AC/DC? Check out Airborne!

Not long ago, I was introduced to Airborne by one of the few local DJs that gets to play music that hasn't been on the Top-40 list. The band has a very AC/DC type sound, and the lead singer sounds a lot like Bon Scott.

I checked out the Runnin' Wild CD, and it's really good.

So. . . Fred, Bob, "go to it!"

A Short Kahr PM9 Review

Every now and then, someone asks about pocket pistols, or the Kahr PM9 specifically. This is what I have to say on the subject:

I've had one [Kahr PM9, 9mm, with DLC finish - Kahr model PM9094] for a couple years. I've been carrying it pretty much every day, even if I've got something bigger on my right hip. I carry it in my front pockets pretty much exclusively, even in some places where I'm not supposed to carry (by rules, not by law).

I've got about a thousand rounds through mine, though I haven't checked the official count in a while. The only stoppages were user induced; you need to keep your thumbs clear of that huge slide stop lever. 9mm is a fairly potent round for such a small and light pistol, and it's not a lot of fun to shoot. I find that fatigue starts to set in after about 50 rounds.

I haven't seen any signs of excessive wear or peening on mine.

It is minute of index card accurate out to at least 10 yards. Trigger is smooth, though you need to completely release the trigger before it resets. It has real, windage adjustable sights, unlike some pocket pistols that have only a groove or tiny sights that are cast/forged into the slide.

I get a kick out of shooting the Kahr after a couple months of pocket carry.  The first few rounds send pocket lint and fluff flying off the slide.

I dumped the Kel-Tec P-3AT, after it puked a third time, and I could not be happier with the little Kahr, even if it does cost a few hundred more then the KT.

UPDATE 8/2/2010: I put Heinie night sights on the PM9.  Round count is up to 1750.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lee Auto Prime - Hand Priming Tool Review

I’ve used mine to prime several thousand pieces of brass, including a couple thousand with the Federal primers that Lee strongly recommends not using with the tool. I could prime on the press, obviously, but I don’t like handling metal tubes full of impact-sensitive high-explosive. I’d rather size/deprime and flare, prime with the Lee tool while watching TV, and then load.

I have not had any problems with breakage so far, knock on wood, though I could imagine that the pivot in the handle might break if there was a casting flaw near that area. I also have some doubts about the latch that holds the plastic primer tray lid on.

The cam (for lack of a better term) did develop notches from priming several thousand pieces. I ground it smooth, and it happened again. I bought another one, and case hardened the "cam" with Casenit, and it seems to be holding up with no sign of wear. Not a big deal considering the tool costs less that $20, and I had lost a spring anyway.

Probably my biggest complaint is that it’s not very comfortable to use. Rubber grips on the handle and lever would be greatly appreciated. This is something that nobody else does either for some reason.

That’s pretty much all there is to say, it’s a simple and affordable tool, and it works.