Sunday, May 4, 2008

Broken Glock Locking Block Story

Posted by Lildobe on 5/1/08 PAFOA forums (Link To Thread):
So I had a friend who is a Glock Certified Armorer show me how to completely tear down my pistol last week and we discovered that the locking block was snapped clean in half!

He'd never seen nor heard this happening before and was quite surprised, but we surmised that from the buildup of carbon and dirt on the broken faces that it's been like this a long time, possibly since before I bought the weapon.

Anyway - he's since returned to his home in Georgia, and is going to drop by Smyrna and get me a new one (Along with an extended slide release )

The point of the story is this though... Since I bought my pistol 8 months ago, I've probably put 5,000 rounds through it - and I've never once noticed anything odd about it's operation! Never a jam, never a FTF or FTE, nothing!

Here's to Glock reliability! Even when they're broken they still work flawlessly!

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