Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama's "Clean Coal"

I guess Obama's still got a few million dollars left over from the presidential campaign. I just saw him in another commercial, pushing "Clean Coal" energy.

Remember when the tree huggers were bitching about acid rain? Yeah, that was from coal. I guess they must have forgotten. May be related to the long bong hits at Berkley.

The EPA, certainly not the most conservative government agency, has already said that there's no such thing as "Clean Coal," and that emissions from coal power plants contain more CO2 than emissions from all the cars and trucks in the country.

I'm not trying to demonize coal, or electricity. I'm just trying to point out more left-wing propaganda.

Bush got beaten in media for 8 years for his ties to the oil industry. I guess Obama gets a free pass for pimping coal.

This Is Reality Web Site
- Myths of "Clean Coal"
The Clean Web Site - More radical environmental website, but has information on "Clean Coal."

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