Monday, October 27, 2008

1911 Build Weekend Update II

My Build Is Cursed

My order from EGW was lost in the mail. Tracking number says it was delivered to Chester, PA. Nobody is sure why. The guys at EGW will try sending the order again, but didn't say when. I hope they're not going to stall until they get a refund from USPS, I haven't got forever to wait.

I had ordered an EGW .45ACP firing pin from Shooter's Connection, not knowing that the slide I ordered was cut for .38Super/9mm firing pins. I sent that back First Class Mail for an exchange, and USPS lost that too.

This Week's Progress
The bottom side of the beavertail is about 99% finished. Just needs a little bit of sanding.

With the slide just out of battery, I didn't have the minimum 0.01" clearance between the upper lugs of the barrel and the slide. I sanded down the barrel bed of the frame so that the feeler gage fit with a minimum of drag. Fortunately, the lower lug is now coming into contact with the vertical impact surface of the frame.

Bodily Damage Tally - 2
I got my first blister hammering the slide on and off the frame. At some point, during the process of sanding either the dowel to 0.7", or lowering the barrel bed, I raised another blister.

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