Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lone Wolf To Produce Aftermarket Glock Frames

Link to Thread at GlockTalk

Lone Wolf has prototyped their own frame to take Glock parts. Their frame will have interchangable grips, a provision for an internal laser, a rounded trigger guard, and an extended beavertail.

JR, the owner, says that he's shooting for a price under $200, which sounds reasonable to me, considering that Glock frames are really not available a la carte at any price.

I really have no use for such a creature, but it may be an interesting option to some, providing that it works better than the metal aftermarket frames, which seem to need gunsmithing to work properly.

I suspect that it will probably be a year or more before one is available for sale. The flyer says "Available February 2009, but I've been waiting for them to release the G34/G35 length 10mm slides for something like 10 months now. Unless they've been secretly working on these frame for quite a while, I wouldn't bet on them being for sale as soon as February.

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