Sunday, January 25, 2009

Murder Free Month in Miami, FL

Remember how the media cried that the streets would run red with blood when Florida passed the nation’s first “Castle Doctrine” law? Maybe you’ve been around long enough to remember when they said the same when Florida started to allow concealed carry.

In October, 2008, there was a period of 35 days in Miami with zero murders. Something that hasn’t happened in 40 years.

To contrast that, in the messiah obama’s old stomping grounds, the city of Chicago, there were 134 murders during the period of January through April 2008. The number of American troops killed during the same period, in the whole country of Iraq, numbered 160. On one Chicago Friday night in 2008 there were 19 separate shootings. July 2008, there were 62 murders in Chi-town.

John Connor writes, "Hey, maybe an enlightened new administration can make Miami -- and perhaps the entire United States? -- as "safe" as Chicago."

Source: John Connor, “Odd Angry Shot: The Glue Ain't All That's Crazy.” Guns Magazine, March 2009.

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