Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Child Expelled For Toy Gun In School

This is sort of a "Part 2" of a previous post about a boy who brought a toy gun to school. You can find that post here. This story is even more ridiculous.

An Andersonville Elementary School kindergarten student in was expelled for the rest of year for bringing a toy gun to school.

"There's no tolerance for kids with weapons of any kind," said Anderson County School System spokeswoman, Karen Bridgeman.

Um, a toy gun is not a weapon. If you don’t believe me, check

“A loaded 9-millimeter gun clip (sic) brought to Anderson County High Thursday and given by one student to another.” – I guess they expelled both students. That’s the way zero tolerance works. Well, zero tolerance doesn’t work, that’s the point of these posts, but you know what I mean. A magazine is not a weapon either.

Anderson Expels 8 Students - article
Outraged blogger writes about the incident.

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cheap airsoft guns said...

I don't approve of kids bringing toy guns to school, as I know a lot of parents have issues with it. But I believe expulsion is too much punishment. Why not give the kid a reprimand or warning first?