Sunday, January 25, 2009

Martha Stewart’s Daughter Granted Handgun Permit in NYC

Handguns are not banned outright in New York City, but they are heavily regulated, and applicants are required to prove a “special need.” I'm not talking about carry permits; this is just what it takes to buy a pistol.

Self-defense alone is not enough justification for an ordinary citizen to get a handgun permit in New York. You wanna know what Alexis Setwart’s special need is? She keeps a gun so she can shoot her aged English Bulldogs if there’s another terrorist attack, and she needs to leave town fast.

Source: John Connor, “Odd Angry Shot: The Glue Ain't All That's Crazy.” Guns Magazine, March 2009.

Information likely taken from The New York Post - "The Mets Are Loaded" article.

I don’t have the imagination to make up this kinda stuff folks.

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