Sunday, November 1, 2009

Updates, 11/1/09

Added some AR-15 and .223/5.56mm ammo links to the Links Page.

Picture of Magpul PMag added to AR-15 Magazine Article.

I'll have updated the Pet Loads Article, and Hogdon TiteGroup Powder Review, by the time you read this.

The 1911 has been getting some range time, and is doing well. I'll post more details later.

The M&P 9 Pro
has a new ejector coming soon from Brownells. Will have it out at the range next weekend, and hopefully will not get beaned with brass the whole time. It's been sitting in the GunVault (another review I'll have to write someday) for months now. Every time I went to put in an order from Midway, they were backordered on the ejectors.

Stuff for reloading .223 ammo inbound from Midway, though they sold out of the shellplates before I could place the order, so I still won't be able to do much. Planning on upgrading the Hornady press with the EZ-Ject parts, so maybe I'll order the shellplate direct from Hornady then.

I need to get around to updating the Articles and Reviews pages. It's been a few months. Oops!

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