Saturday, November 14, 2009

Updates 11/14/09

I updated the AR-15 Magazines article with information on 9mm AR mags.

Lengthening the ejector for the M&P 9 Pro didn't change much. I was able to stretch it out 0.025", through heat and hammering. Chopping down the ejector, and working the extractor some seemed to have done the trick, but I wasn't able to test it too much. It got dark on me too quick today, and I didn't get a chance to do any more live-fire testing.

A while back, I reported that the Border Patrol wanted assisted-opening pocket knives to be classified as automatic knives (a.k.a. switchblades), and regulated as such (Article - Sigh. Pocket Knife Ban In The Works?). This legislation could have affected many one-hand-opening knives. This ban attempt has failed, either through common sense or the efforts of "Knife Guys" to get this killed.

I've noted in the Civilian ACR/Masada Coming Soon? thread that the Wikipedia ACR Article states that the suggested retail price for the semi-automatic ACR is anticipated to start around $1200. I wonder how long it will take for street prices to come down to the retail price. I would expect the first few thousand to sell for over $2000 easily judging by Gunbroker auction bids on the SCAR rifles when they first came out.

Oh, and I finally updated the Articles and Reviews list pages.

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