Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crossbreed Super-Tuck Part 3

I first wrote of the Super-Tuck in Some Random Concealment Holster Reviews.
Then there was, Crossbreed Super-Tuck Part 2 after my first Super-Tuck cracked, was returned, and Crossbreed sent me a new one.

And Now for the New Business
I broke another belt loop. This one came with the new holster, and was made from 0.09" thick Kydex, which is about as thick as you can get it, really.

I'll try making my own loops from 0.09" thick Kydex folded over for a double thickness. If one of those breaks, then Kydex belt loops are completely hopeless and I'll have to start experimenting with other holsters.

Oh, and the SnapLok belt clips? They work pretty well. However, any untucked cover garment will likely get caught on them, which is why I went back to using the belt loops.

New belt loops are made. They are even beefier than I had imagined. I don't think I'm going to break one of these suckers. As an added benefit, the tighter fitting loops don't let the holster slide backwards.

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