Monday, February 4, 2008

2008 Glock Annual is Out, G30SF coming soon

I hear that the 2008 Glock Annual magazines are out. The Glock Annual is a magazine with articles on Glock pistols in military and police service, competition, and civilian self-defense. There are lots of Glock ads, and there's obviously a bias, but if you can get one for free, it's not a bad deal.

There is usually a Mossad Ayoob article in the Annual. Ayoob writes for American Handgunner magazine, Guns magazine, Guns and Weapons for Military and Law Enforcement, and probably a few others. Ayoob invented the Stressfire shooting techniques. He owns/runs the Lethal Force shooting/self-defense academy.

Click here to go to the Annual catalog request page at the Team Glock website.

Oh, by the way. Glock has announced that there will be a G30SF coming out this year. Like the 21SF and 20SF, the 30SF will have a smaller grip than the regular model 30.

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