Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weird! Another Colt Official Police Review.

I just found another review of a Colt Official Police revolver at The Gun Zone. Less than a year ago, Guns magazine ran a review of the Official Police. A few months later I found another review on the Shooting Times website.

Why is that weird? The Official Police was first introduced in the late 20's.

I've got one of these that was my Dad's, and probably served as a Police duty pistol before that. It was probably his first centerfire, and as best as I can remember, it was the first centerfire that I ever shot. Dad fitted Pachmayer grips, and I fitted a nickel plated Python trigger*. The one that I've got is more accurate than the one fired in the The Gun Zone review. I take it out now and then when I get the itch to shoot something different. . . or I'm running low on 9mm ammo. I guess it's another pistol that I need to take a picture of.

* - The Python trigger is more comfortable than the full serrated Official Police trigger.

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