Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mini-14s with 20-Round Magazines

Click here to see the spec page for the NRA Mini-14 Rifle

I saw the announcements for these rifles in the NRA magazines. I was shocked. Ruger hasn't sold 20-Round Mini-14 magazines (directly) to civilians in more than a decade. For $205 over the retail price of base model (wood stock, blued finish) Mini-14, you get two 20-Round magazines, a Hogue Overmolded stock, a 16 1/8" barrel, and a limited edition serial number. A portion of the purchase price goes toward the NRA.

I'm not sure what the street price will be. Retail price on the standard Mini is $830, and I can get them locally for $614.

I was excited to see this at first, but I though the Minis were a lot cheaper. For just a little bit more than a standard Mini, I could build an AR-15 Carbine.

Still no sign of post-2004 Ruger Minis with factory folding stocks.

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