Friday, November 2, 2007

Streamlight TLR-1 Weapons Light Review

I wrote this for the Midway site a few months ago. I've shot a few hundred more rounds of 9mm, and a few hundred 22s, with it on the G17. The thumbscrew mounting makes it more cumbersome to remove and put back on if your home defense pistol is also a concealed carry pistol. Somebody posted that powder fouling had stained the lens of their TLR, but I don't have that problem with mine.

I'm not totally thrilled with the rotating switch. It's a little hard to remember which way to turn the switch for momentary-on and constant-on, expecially since up is constant-on on one side, and momentary-on on the other side. The switch does feel pretty sturdy though.

Fits nicely on my Glock 21, and snaps onto a Picatinny rail on my AR-15 without an adapter or changing anything. I have fired a few hundred rounds of .45 with the light mounted, including a 50 round box of HOT Federal HST +P. The light is not as quick to mount/dismount as some lights, but if you tighten the screw with a coin, it will be on there for the long haul. With the screw finger tight, the light got loose after a box or two of ammo, but did not fall off. I have not tried driving nails with it, or anything crazy like that, but it seems like a very durable light. The LED is similar in brightness to my incandescent Surefire E2E, but the bright white TLR spot makes the Surefire spot look yellow in comparison.

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