Sunday, November 4, 2007

Last Action Pistol Match of '07 at DCFS

Just shot the last action pistol match of the year at Delaware County Field & Stream. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, considering that I was using iron sights and a 5 pound trigger. Took me 10 shots to take down the stupid bowling pins, no surprise there. Shot mostly A's on the IPSC targets, 2 C's and a Mike on either the swinger or the one half covered by the hostage. I think I might make the top 5.

The MPearcex mag pouches and Uncle Mike's kydex belt holster worked well enough. I need to make a couple more belt keepers though.

I've got vacation days to burn, so I'll probably be hitting the steel and IDPA matches at Classic Pistol through the end of the year.

EDIT: Didn't do nearly as well as I thought. I came in around 10th. I think I need to work on shooting faster and okay, over sorta fast and good. . . and practice shooting pins.

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