Sunday, February 9, 2014

PSA Pigsticker and Rainier XTC Comp Update

A while back, I bought a Pigsticker compensator from Palmetto State Armory, and put it on a 10.5" barrel.  Although it seemed to work fine, the muzzle flash was ridiculous. (Original Post)

Yesterday, I swapped the comp over to my 16" Spike's Tactical 5.45x39mm upper, and today I took it out to do some shooting.  Unfortunately, all is still not well.  The comp shoved the muzzle down hard and to the left.  I also couldn't get the tip of my pull-through cleaning rod out through the end of the comp.  No flash that I noticed, though.

The Rainer XTC did fare much better.  While I had the barrel vice blocks out, I put the XTC on my LMT 16" M4gery  Although there is a bit of concussion, there was no tuning fork "ting," and not too much muzzle lift.  Unfortunately, I had another Tula steel shell case get stuck hard in the chamber, cutting short that shooting session.  Even if I had a cleaning rod, it took a half dozen hard hits with a dead-blow hammer to remove it.

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