Saturday, July 13, 2013

Palmetto State Armory Pigsticker Compensator

Here is the video I put up on YouTube.  It's a little less than two and a half minutes.  I spent way too much time on it, struggling with Windows Live Movie Maker, restarting my computer about a dozen times before I got it all together and working properly.

Since I was rebuilding one of my AR-15 uppers anyway, I decided that I should try a compensator.  I would have preferred a BattleComp, but was not willing to pay the price for one.  There are a few options for similar comps, and the one that I chose was the Pigsticker from Palmetto State Armory.  Things did not go exactly to plan.  Although muzzle flip is minimal. . .

That upper will get it's A2 flash-suppressor back, and I'll probably put the Pigsticker on a 16" barrel at some point in the future, to see how that goes.  When that happens, I'll put up another video.

UPDATE, 2/9/2014

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