Saturday, July 20, 2013

Forgotten Weapons YouTube Channel

Forgotten Weapons YouTube Channel

Ian McCollum has been posting videos of obscure firearms, and explaining how they work for a couple of years.  He's also done video reviews on military and civilian firearm books, if that's more your speed.

Here's an example.  Halloway Arms HAC-7 .308 Winchester semi-automatic rifle.  There may be about 300 of these rifles.  The design is a kind of a strange conglomeration of elements from the FN FAL, Kalashnikov rifle trigger and operating system, AR-15 bolt and gas tube.  The rifle didn't work very well, and a piece had fallen off of it, but I think it's still an interesting design.  I've been absorbing all that I can about military-style rifles for decades, and I've never seen or even heard of these Halloway Arms rifles.

Starting at the start, it seems that "Ian" is a bit of a gunsmith, engineer, and fabricator.  I'm very jealous of the shop.  Many many thousands of dollars worth of machinery, tools, and components there.

Hat-tip to Samuel Suggs for posting a link to the HK roller-delayed P9S pistol video.

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