Saturday, February 1, 2014

Semi-semiautomatic AR-15

No, I didn't type the title for the post with a stutter.  Southern Gun Company of Cornwall, England developed an AR-15 style 9mm rifle that locks the bolt back with every shot.  The shooter can then release the bolt with a lever put in place where the safety lever would normally be.  It probably sounds more awkward than it is in practice.  Check out the video of the SGC Unicorn rifle in action.

There shouldn't be a need for these shenanigans, but there are, regardless.  I find this solution to an unnecessary problem to be brilliant.  If I were stuck living behind enemy lines in a ban state, I would be trying to do something like this over a "featureless" build, or a bullet-button, or a fixed magazine, or any of that other nonsense.

Beats having to manually operate the bolt like a bolt-action rifle, which is what U.K. shooters have been doing with AR rifles.

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