Sunday, November 20, 2011

Updates On Some Things

I've updated, and edited my AR-15 Magazines Article.

I'm pretty much done with shooting matches until spring, so I've been enjoying shooting without the sole purpose of preparing for a match, which is nice.  It's always fun to go shooting, but now it's entirely for leisure, which is a little bit different.

I've also been restocking the ammo cans.

The primer trays piling up in my living room trash can

I think I've pretty much figured out how to get the 5.45mm AR-15 magazines running properly.  I may still have a few stubborn magazines, but at least I've gotten a few to work properly several times, and I think I've found solutions to the two distinctly different issues.  None of them worked properly when I got them.  I'll post a 5.45mm AR magazine FAQ when I get the text typed up, and maybe add a few pictures or illustrations.

The 1911 is doing well.  I've only had the one stoppage, that was almost certainly due to using a standard recoil spring with a wimpy load.  Although I never did get the tension on the coil-spring powered Aftec extractor tuned to the book spec, I can't complain about the performance.  Mostly I use 8 and 10-round Power Mags, but I mix in a 7-round Colt magazine, and an 8 round Wolff magazine occasionally.

My Kahr PM9 is still going strong.  Great little 9mm pocket pistol.  I've just got the one bad magazine, but the other 3 are fine.

My Gen.3 Glock 19 has been having stove-pipe jams with everything but defense ammo.  I've changed out a couple springs, and I'll see what happens on Monday.  The Gen.3 G17 is a little bit picky about the power factor of ammo, but isn't as picky as the 19.

I pretty much ran out my supply of .38 Special factory ammo, so I got set up to reload the wheelguns, and I've been working up loads.  Although reloading can sometimes be a bit of a chore, more often than not I do enjoy it.  I've actually shot more thirty-eights in the last few months than I've fired over the last couple years, probably.

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