Sunday, August 1, 2010

Custom Pocket Holster

I had been carrying my Kahr PM9 in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster with an old Blue Cross card epoxied on at the bottom to give it some ridgity.  Well the card broke into several pieces and the holster returned to a floppy, and now very ugly mess.  So I made my own Kydex pocket holster from Kydex.  Here it is:
I made it so that the Kydex covers the mag release, sights, and, of course, the trigger.  The muzzle end is folded over, to try to protect the pistol from pocket lint as much as possible.

I sized it specifically to fit Wrangler jeans pockets, but it seems to fit in most anything else.  Some pocket holsters are made too small, and the pistol ends up sideways, or eventually upside down.  I didn't leave it any room to rotate.

I've been using this holster for a few months and it's working out well.  It took a few tries to get it just right, but the Kydex can be reshaped without any negative effects, and it wasn't that hard.  All in, with the heat gun, materials, foam and MDF to make the Kydex press, I still have less money in the holster than what it would have cost me to have someone else make it.


Louie From USA said...

WOW!!! Looks great!!!

When time permits, maybe you can give a step-by-step instruction how you figured everything.

Where did you find the material?


Suburban said...

I'll work on it.

I have a few little projects to work on. I've got to apply for mortgage pre-qualification. Maybe next weekend, maybe later.

For Kydex, and belt loops, and tools, try They've got a lot of stuff now, even more that when I ordered a couple years ago.

The heat gun I got from WalMart in the paint section, I think. Look for a heat gun that comes with the attachments that focus the flow of hot air. I think Pep Boys had one too.

In order to make the holster so that I could get the pistol out of, I used some pieces of craft sticks (popsicle sticks) and the handle of a plastic spoon. Otherwise the holster would lock onto the slide lock lever. For making belt loops, for another holster, I used thin wooden planks that I cut with the oft-used Dremel tool. The craft sticks and planks you can get from Michael's and other craft shops, and sometimes in the craft sections of stores like WalMart and Target.

Suburban said...

The Kydex press I made from a couple scraps of 3/4" MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), and a couple thicknesses of foam sleeping pad. I bolted the foam to one piece of MDF, and didn't bother padding the other side. It works.

You'll find MDF in the lumber section of Home Depot.

Have gloves handy, to protect your hands from the heat. You may need to shape the material with your hands. The pocket holster, for example, is curved to hug my thigh, and that had to be done by hand.

The hardware to adjust the tension, is a finish washer, pan head machine screw (I think), and a t-nut (a.k.a. tee-nut). You can get these from and More details on this later.