Wednesday, July 28, 2010

.223 Remington to .22 Pellet Conversion

Here's something I haven't seen before.  The Sportsman's Guide has a .223 Remington to .22 pellet conversion shell.  It looks like a brass shell casing, but you put a 209 shotshell primer in one end, and a .22 pellet in the other, turning your .223 Remington rifle into a pellet gun.

Pretty neat.


Anonymous said...

Neat concept. However, if its just regular .223 brass, then a caliper to the diameter of the 209 primer and a corresponding drill bit to the back of your own spent brass, a punch in the neck to stop the pellet from sliding down and you save $15 + shipping. Sounds right to me anyways. Your thoughts?

Suburban said...

I don't know. I hadn't thought of that. It might work.

I believe that 209 primers have a rim. So you'd have to drill and counterbore the brass. The counterbore may cost more than the adapter.

Would be an easy project for someone with a mini lathe, I would think, to make an adapter out of brass bar stock.

Nick said...

It appears the back is bored out for the 209 primer, has a groove for an "o" ring installed and is also crimped at the end.

Works great and is re-usable! why not for $15