Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hawaii Passed Gun Owner Protection Laws?

Got an e-mail from the Second Amendment Foundation that Hawaii passed two laws to protect gun owners recently.  One prohibits siezure of firearms in the event of a disaster; a law that came about after the mess in New Orleans after the hurricane.  The other is a "Castle Doctrine" law.

I'm a bit shocked, as Hawaii certainly isn't the most gun friendly state in the country, with discretionary carry permits, and, IIRC, a state "assault weapon" ban.

It would be nice if Sam Rohrer would get elected as governor in Pennsylvania, and my state could get some of these laws along with one that would make it illegal for an employer to fire an employee with a legal firearm locked inside their car on company property.  We are presently ruled over by "Fast Eddie" Rendel, who ranks up there with NYC Major Bloomberg in the list of anti-gun politicians.

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