Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cheaper Than Dirt! Buy-A-Gun Feature

Many of you may know of Cheaper Than Dirt! from their firearm accessory catalogs, or at least their magazine ads.  The CTD website has a new Buy-A-Gun feature to help people find guns that may be hard to find.  If you click the "FFL Dealers" link on the right side of the page, you'll be prompted to enter you zip code, and then the website will generate a map of your area, showing the locations of nearby dealers, with addresses and phone numbers.

Also in the links along the right side of the page are links to databases of gunshows, gunsmiths, firearms training classes, shooting ranges, hunting guides, and a link to "Blue Book of Gun Values."  A few other websites have hosted this type of information, but sadly a lot of them have folded.  Hopefully CTD won't do anything stupid and go out of business.

Direct Link to Cheaper Than Dirt! Buy-A-Gun Page.

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Anonymous said...

CTD did some pretty dubious things during the ammo shortage (such as outrageous price gouging). They are last on my list of places I will shop at. I would suggest others follow suit until they beg for our business and forgiveness.