Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crime Rate Still On The Decline - CCRKBA.ORG

Although the gun ban lobby is still crying that guns cause crime, and we need more gun laws, the FBI numbers are out from 2009.  Violent crime rates fell again, despite the continuation of high rates of gun sales and concealed carry permit applications, following the 2008 elections.

Alan Gottleib of CCRKBA.ORG reports that:
. . . the murder rate fell last year 7.2 percent in larger cities. Robbery declined more than 8 percent and forcible rape was down 3.1 percent. It might just be that criminals are less likely to attack someone out of fear their intended victim is armed. Robbers might be discouraged by the growing potential that the clerk behind the counter is willing to fight back. Maybe would-be rapists are deterred by the possibility that they might get shot.

For many years, anti-gunners made all kinds of wild predictions that higher rates of gun ownership and the expansion of shall-issue carry permits would leave neighborhoods awash in blood. The data proves otherwise. America should turn its back on the gun prohibition lobby and their insidious policy of victim disarmament.
 You can read the rest of the article here.

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