Friday, April 2, 2010

Virtual Arsenal on Mythbusters

This week's episode of Mythbusters features a pretty wide assortment of firearms as they test the myth of bulletproofing a car with phonebooks.  It's worth checking the TV listings for repeats of this episode, I'm sure it'll be on a few times this weekend, and maybe next Wednesday.  They pretty much go all out to finally stop the SUV, and deflate the blow-up dolls (yes, really) on the inside.

They also use more explosives to test the movie myth that diving underwater will save you from being injured by an explosion.

Oh, and Kari's back (and still cute after having her baby)!  I believe this is the episode that the photo of Kari with a .50BMG rifle came from, which you may remember if you follow The Firearm Blog.

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