Thursday, April 1, 2010

Current Status of Gun Ownership In D.C.

Again from John R. Lott, from this FoxNews article, A Gun Ban By Any Other Name...

Lott tells the story of a D.C. man, a reporter, who spent $558.69 just in fees to get approved to buy a handgun.  Besides the fees, he spent nearly 16 hours on the process, made 4 trips to the police department, went through two background checks, was fingerprinted, took a five-hour class, and had to take a written test.

Part of the Heller decision was that the D.C. laws that required all firearms to be kept unloaded and locked was deemed to be unconstitutional.  Lott says, in his blog post about the article, "that D.C. law now requires that gun owners (primarily those owning long guns) only have to store their guns locked and unloaded if minors might have access to them."

I'm afraid to make any assumptions about what Lott said in the blog post, so I will just quote him as saying, "Despite the costs, about a thousand people may have gotten handgun permits. That is only about 0.2 percent of adults living in D.C."

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