Sunday, July 5, 2009

Safir Arms .410 Bore AR-15 Uppers

Just discovered these on the Aim Surplus website. They are .410 bore shotgun uppers that fit AR-15 lowers. They're made in Turkey.

Aim is selling them with 5-round magazines, but Modern firearms lists capacity as 9, 10, or 15 rounds, so there must be some higher capacity magazines out there. Price from AIM is just under $500, they have a limited stock of the Compact uppers.

Safir Arms Website - English
Saiga 12 Forum: T-14 Thread
Aim Surplus: T-14 Compact (16" barrel) Upper
Aim Surplus: T-14 Classic (20" barrel) Upper
Modern Firearms: T-14 Shotgun

EDIT, 12/11/09: GunBlast has a review of American Tactical Imports (ATI) T-14 .410 AR-15 Shotgun Upper. It looks like Mr. Quinn was using the 13-round magazine, so they must be available somewhere in the U.S.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering when an upper would be available.