Saturday, July 18, 2009

EGW Free Shipping Offer

EGW is offering free shipping on all orders over $100. Offer expires 8/18/2009.

Promotion Code: EGWFREE100
Enter promotion code in notes section at checkout.

EGW is a machine shop/gunsmithing operation in Pennsylvania.

They are known to pistol competition reloaders for their "U-Die," an undersized Lee sizing die which will probably iron out more bulge from unsupported chambers than any other sizing die. They make ammo gages for 9mm/38Super/40S&W/45ACP, all in one, with real chamber reamers, which I love. Most other ammo gages you have to buy separately, and they are cut tighter than any barrel you will ever find.

They have race gun parts - compensators, mag wells, SVI/STI parts, slide rackers, mag release buttons. They have AR-15 parts - float tubes, benchrest bag rider adapters, an extended upper receiver. They make a whole line of 1911 parts; machined steel parts, not that cast and MIM junk. They make cutting tools for gunsmiths. They make a line of scope mounts for a variety of firearms, and scope rings.

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