Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gas Blow-back M4 Carbine from WA (AirSoft)

Western Arms is making a gas blow-back airsoft version of the M4. Western Arms has been making high-end gas powered airsoft guns for over a decade. Until the M4, I don't think they've ever really don't a rifle before, unless you count the funky hi-cap 1911s with stocks and long barrels.

Pictures and Info on M4 at WarGame Club Shop
Pictures and Info on M4 CQBR at WarGame Club Shop
Review of WA M4 CQBR at RedWolf Airsoft

Although it's rather expensive compared to an electric airsoft assault rifle, they are a lot more fun to shoot. The gas blow-back guns actually have a little recoil, where the electric guns just kinda vibrate and make sewing machine noises.

A lot cheaper than a real M-16 or converted AR (about $10,000), and with some precautions, you can shoot airsoft guns indoors.

I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before there are longer barrels available. Edit: Nevermind, I was going backwards through the Arnie's Airsoft News, and didn't know there was a standard M4 available when I first posted.

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