Sunday, July 20, 2008

Book Review: The Glock In Competition

Contains a good bit of information on modifying a Glock pistol for competition, although you can find some of this information online for free. Springs, sights, tightening slide-to-frame fit, extending the ejector for frame mounted scopes, grip modifications, lowering the ejection port, weak points in the Glock design, and, of course, trigger jobs are covered.

The chart of what pistols are useful in which organization and class is pretty helpful. There are short reviews on the models 24 and 35. Towards the end of the book, information is given on GSSF, IDPA, and USPSA/IPSC. I found this to be a pleasant surprise, as I really don't know much about USPSA or GSSF, because there's not many of those clubs around here.

Reloading/handloading for Glocks is covered, with tips specific to different types of competition. The infamous Glock KaBooms are explained. If you don't reload, there's tips on buying factory ammunition.

The very end of the book is biographys of past and present Glock competition shooters, including The Great One of Glock, Dave Sevigny.

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jaume9mm said...

A great book, effectively!