Saturday, January 19, 2013

Try to Keep Calm People

I've been pretty mad, for the last month or so.  Can't turn on the news for long without hearing talk of gun control (civilian disarmament).  Except for maybe Fox News Channel* or talk radio, it's always some dope who has no idea what they are talking about.  "Assault weapon" this, "assault rifle" that, still confusing semi-automatic and full-automatic, magazines called clips, and rounds of ammunition are called bullets.  Really quite aggravating, when the fools are running the show and setting the agenda.  Obama's executive orders, and trotting out elementary school students who don't know any better, really only twists the knife.

And then, finally, the slushbox transmission in my brain changed gears.  The thought occurred to me that an AR-15 lower is not inherently semi-automatic.  Hell, there's even a crossbow upper.  The Brits have been shooting manually-operated ARs.  CMMG is working on a black powder muzzle-loader upper.  Should the day come, when a confiscation law passes, we may not necessarily have to completely give up our $2000 ARs.  A barrel without a gas port should do.

Magazines are not serialized.  Uppers are not serialized.  There's no paper trails.  It's completely legal to sell these things to anyone without a bill-of-sale or involving a dealer.  I never had very many anyway, and sold most of what I had for a tidy profit anyway. . .  What?  It's true!  Prove that I'm lying!

AKs are a trickier nut to crack.  Maybe someone's already got a solution to that one, that doesn't require a hydraulic press, and a few hours of gunsmithing.  I know that "bullet buttons" are nixed by the 2013 feinstein ban, and we probably won't get away with "freatureless builds" either.

There's a mid-term election in 2014.  The NRA and SAF, if they're smart, are already working on a lawsuit.  The world will likely not come to an end, and the country will most likely not crumble into chaos.  All is not lost, at least not yet.  We'll have to see what comes of this "ruling by decree" B.S..

So hang in there folks.  Keep calm.  Continue to call and write to your congressmen, and go to one of the upcoming capital building marches, if at all possible.  But maybe start to think more about short-term work-arounds, than going out in a blaze of glory fighting off the SWAT team or National Guard and starting a new civil war.  Maybe you're smarter than me, and you've already figured that out.

* - That asshat o'reilley can suck one, though.  He's almost as bad as piers morgan.


David H. said...

Very interesting stuff, quite creative, but I think that they would still have a legal pretense based upon constructive possession.

Here in Connecticut, all I have to do is have the PARTS necessary to assemble an assault weapon, and I'm done for.

Suburban said...

Oh, yeah, it'd be illegal under the unconstitutional "assault weapon" ban. I think that's sort of a double-negative though.