Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally Replaced Aimpont Battery

I bought a used Aimpoint M2 a few years ago for my LMT M4.  In September 2009, I replaced the battery that came in it with a new one.  I've left the Aimpoint on, turned to the 2nd highest setting, since then.  I just noticed last night that the dot wasn't as bright as it used to be.  The dot was still there. . . I just couldn't get full brightness out of it.

Aimpoint has upgraded the electronics in it's sights since they made my M2.  The new circuitry is supposed to make a battery last about 5 years.  I'm not going to rush to replace the "old" M2, as the battery only cost me a couple dollars a year, and the battery I put in I picked up from Amazon for just $4 shipped, a couple dollars cheaper.


Chris said...

I'm loving the fact that I can turn it on and it's good to go for 3 years. Love my T-1!

Suburban said...

The T-1s should go for 5 years, at least that's what they say.