Sunday, April 8, 2012

Okay, No More AK Recoil Buffers For Me

A few years ago I bought a couple of BlackJack buffers.

I put one in my WASR-10, and the red dot sight shook loose.  Yes, I did use thread-locker.  No problem with function though.

When the spacer broke off the recoil spring guide for the TWS scope mount, I put the buffer from the WASR-10 into the Tantal.  All the stock screws and the buffer tube castle nut shook loose.  Again, I had used thread locker on the screws and the nut.  The buffer didn't affect function though.

Thinking that, with the variety of 12 gauge ammo, a buffer would probably be a good thing in the Saiga-12 to protect the stock trunnion from impact, and keep the rivet holes in the receiver from egging out.  I had intermittent stovepipe jams.  I tried turning the gas plug to open up the gas flow, and I still had the stovepipes, and the shotgun beat up my shoulder pretty good.

Without the stupid buffers, the Saiga-12 has been running 100% with the high-brass gas setting (not beating me up as much) and the carbines are holding together, and not shaking loose anymore.  The buffers are going into my bag o' AK junk with the crappy Tapco folding stock, the stock Saiga-12 trigger, the heavy gritty Century Arms trigger and unfinished wood stock set, and the foreign-made parts that I'm not allowed to use.  I don't need the buffer for the TWS scope mount anymore since they sent me the proper recoil spring guide, the Saiga 12 doesn't work properly with one, and there didn't seem to be any benefit to having the buffer in the WASR-10.


The Engine SA said...

You should try an Enidine Shock Stock. It requires modifying the stock with either a univeral adapter or a welded on back plate, but it is a good recoil-dampening improvement.

Bob said...

I'm not sure what you're using for a muzzle brake on your WASR 10/63 or your Saiga 12, I have both as well, and am using a JT Engineering competition brake and Tapco AK-74 style brake respectively.

Both work remarkably well to hold down muzzle rise and the overall recoil is noticeably better with both.

I'm not sure if you've already replaced your stock muzzle brakes, but if you haven't, that's something to consider.

Suburban said...

I am now using a Tapco AK-74 brake on the WASR-10. It is actually surprisingly effective for an inexpensive Tapco brake, that doesn't follow the original design too closely.

No brake on the Saiga 12 though. Perhaps something to look into.