Monday, June 21, 2010


Minisniping started as a game for air rifles, but there's no reason you can't do it with rimfires, or even centerfire rifles.  The way it's done in the article, you sit a 9mm shell casing on a lump of clay 35 yards out from your shooting bench, and pick them off with your adult airgun of choice.

The price of ammo has gone up a lot since 1984, when the article was printed in Guns & Ammo, and even 9mm brass gets sold, so I wouldn't use 9mm brass, but you may be able to come up with steel 9x18 casings or something else entirely to use as targets.

Many of the newer centerfire rifles will shoot 1 inch groups at a hundred yards.  Try putting some low-brass 12 gauge shells out, and try picking those off.

Maybe something like the Rimfire Tactical Precision Match is more your cup of tea.  Put some steel targets out far enough for it to be a real challenge.  Make up some terrorist/hostage targets (if your range rules allow).  There are some more fun targets on the 6mmBR website to play with.

It summer, get out there and shoot.  Make it fun.  Dust off your imagination.

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Rob the Electrician said...

Great way to "aim small, miss small"
22lr cases abound, and are smaller yet.