Sunday, September 27, 2009

CDNN Glock Mag Sale and Free Shipping

CDNN Investments is running a sale on Glock mags. Most of the normal, "hi-cap," mags are going for $19.99, which a price I really haven't seen since at least October. The 33 round, 9mm mags, are $33.33.

Free shipping on orders over $200 if you use the coupon code "fs200." $5 shipping for any internet order this weekend, plus a little "Swiss Army" type knife, Colt keychain screwdriver, and tinted mirrored shooting glasses for free.

I'd avoid all the Target Sports stuff and all the optics (cheap Asian junk), but there are some other good deals on the site if you look around.

I should be pretty well stocked up on Glock mags for the rest of my life now, plus some to give away to family, as needed.

10/20 EDIT: Okay, the free shipping offer is over, but they are now offering $7.99 shipping for all internet orders, along with 2 free gifts (cheap pair of safety glasses and 16-Function "Swiss-style" knife. The Glock mag prices have not changed, still $19.99, and $33.33 for the 33-round mags. Hmm, maybe I should order some more 33-round magazines for when Lone Wolf gets more Glock mag AR-15 lowers in.

Natchez has the 33 round magazines a little cheaper, but the regular mags are a couple dollars more. No more 3 for $15 each.

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