Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Ruger Black Rifle

This one is a .22LR sorta-AR-15-type rifle.

The Ruger SR-22 Rifle
- from The Official Ruger Website

Well, it looks like it will probably accept any AR-15 stock, which the S&W AR-15 rimfire doesn't seem like it can do. The receiver extension on the S&W appears to be built into the receiver, which means you can't put something like a Magpul UBR stock, or adjustable target stock on it. Without a nut at the front end of the receiver extension, I don't know how you'd run a single-point sling on the S&W either.

It appears to have a 10/22 action and trigger group. I guess that would mean that you could use a 6 ounce adjustable KID trigger with it, if you wanted. Although there are very light drop-triggers, and adjustable triggers for AR-15s, they usually don't get along very well with rimfire uppers.

I forget what I paid for just my rimfire AR-15 upper a couple years ago, but it was probably $100 or more than what the SR-22 will sell for in the real world, as gun shop and gun show prices are often below MSRP.

If you already have a Ruger 10/22, you could convert it to something like the SR-22 with an Archangel Stock Set (not compatible with many AR parts, but fairly inexpensive), a RB Precision Evolution Stock System, or a Nordic Components AR22 kit.

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