Saturday, April 26, 2008

U.S. M9A1 Pistol

I got a taste of what the M9A1 was from the latest issue of Guns Magazine. Here is some information on the new U.S. Military issued sidearm from, an unofficial Beretta website.

"Improvements" over the M9 (Beretta 92FS) pistol include:
Checkered front and backstraps
"Dustcover" rail for mounting weaponlights and other accessories
Magazine well with "aggressive bevel" to allow faster reloads (from the outside it the butt look the same as on any other 92; I was expecting some kind of funnel from the description)
Recessed muzzle crown to protect the rifling
3-Dot Sights
PVD coated magazine (yes, PVD; it's not a PVC typo)
Reversible magazine catch

Basically, it looks like a Vertec.

Acrobat (groan*) brochure on the M9A1 from the official Beretta Website. There is a picture of the Glock-like frontstrap checkering, but mostly it's the same information.

There are other snippets of information around, but there's just not that much to say about a slightly updated model 92. Apparently, there's already a bunch of airsoft copies of the pistol floating around.

* - I hate it when people use Acrobat for pictures and small documents that would be quicker to open as HTML or a JPEG.

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