Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stop Plates and Pact Mk.IV Timer

I'm posting this because the info is hard to find. The manual that comes with the timer sucks, and it's hard to get hold of Pact Technical Support.

There's three jacks for RCA mini-plugs (the kind you find on a headphone cord) on the back of the timer. Two for stop plates, and one labeled "AUX," which I think is actually for headphones, so you don't disturb other shooters with the beeping. If you plug anything into the jack for Stop Plate 2, the timer automatically goes into head-to-head mode.

Anyway, the timer can be set to stop when the circuit either opens or closes. For example, if you hooked up a normally open switch to the timer, and the stop plate closed the switch, you would go into the timers menu and select "Stop Plate Circuit Open"- "Yes". I may have the language a little off, but I think you get the general idea.

I plan to make a plate rack for the Airsoft gun next weekend. Depending on which way works best, I can either set it up so that the plate holds a plunger switch closed when the plate is up, or I can let the plate fall on the switch to push it closed.

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Stu said...

I tried plugging a pair of headphones into the Aux jack. It neither silenced the built in beeper nor did the sound come through the phones.