Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Holy Crap! 1,000 hits!

Over a thousand hits in a couple months. I'm kinda shocked. The count was around 650 when I last posted about a week ago.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Christmas was pretty good for me. Mom got me a Garmin Nuvi GPS unit that I will put to good use, since I suck at finding places sometimes.

I went to Kentucky last week to visit the country cousins near Owensboro. The visit was mostly uneventful, but still sort of interesting. Indiana was just about what I expected, not a whole lot to see, but Owensboro was pretty similar to where I'm living in Pennsylvania. The drive to and from the airport in Kentucky was about 2 hours though, whereas the Philly airport is, maybe, 20 minutes away from home.

Airline security is a bigger pain in the ass then ever. The time difference between driving and flying is getting smaller, with the airlines now recommending that travelers get to the airport 2 hours early. At the x-ray machine, I've got to push through my laptop in one bin, my shoes and jacket in another, and then my bag. I'll have to remember to eat at the departure terminal next time, since you can't bring drinks through security.

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