Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Magnetospeed V3 Chonograph $323 at Primary Arms.

Magnetospeed V3 @ Primary Arms

Regular price $380.  $323 with promotion code "RANGE."

I have been using one for a few months with the Picatinny adapter on pistols. More expensive than sky screen chonographs, but I wasn't using mine because they are a pain in the hind-end to set up.  It takes maybe 30 seconds to clip-on, or strap-on the Magnetospeed "bayonet" and plug it into the box, and that's pretty much all it takes to set one up.

There is a cheaper Sporter model, but it isn't compatible with the Picatinny mount.

I'll probably write up a review eventually.  Real short story - I use one, and I like it.

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