Sunday, September 8, 2013

Still Confusion Over Zimmerman Trial

I'm going to post these videos, because there are still a lot of people who don't know who Trayvon really was, or what happened the night of the shooting.

The unedited audio from the call to the police by Zimmerman.  No opinion presented, just the recording.

Trayvon was out for snacks, right?  Maybe not.
Longer video by philosopher Stephan Molyneux.  Trayvon was 17, over 5' 9", maybe 6' 2", 170 pounds, a football player, and a street fighter (by Trayvon's own personal account), not a 12-year old boy, as the news portrayed him.  Zimmerman racist? - Probably not.
I'm not going to say that Zimmerman didn't make any mistakes that night, but it seems fairly obvious that a lot of information was intentionally suppressed by media and other public figures, in order to make the whole thing into something that it wasn't, a case of murdered for being black in public.  Although discrimination may have been an element, it just isn't that simple.  I believe that far too many people have based their opinions on the Zimmerman shooting on incomplete information.
Just this weekend, I've been called a bitch and a "dumb ass" (sic) for trying to explain to people that Zimmerman acted in self-defense after being attacked.  The irony of the lack of politeness apparently lost on these people.
One individual said that he'd punch someone in the face if he was followed, too, seemingly having learned absolutely nothing from the whole event.  If you haven't read Ayoob's In The Gravest Extreme yet, time may be of the essence.
I may take flak for this, but it is my blog, and I'm entitled to post my own opinion.  I'm backing it up with information that seems to me to be accurate and trustworthy.

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