Sunday, May 26, 2013

New IDPA Rulebook in the Works

Proposed 2013 IDPA Rulebook - Adobe PDF file
(If that doesn't work, go to, click the "Compete" tab, and then the "Rules" tab.)

ShootingUSA Podcast on IDPA rule changes with IDPA Executive Driector Joyce Wilson.

Looks like they are allowing Stainless Steel guide rods for Glocks, but still not allowing grip texturing or grip reduction for Stock Service Pistol division.  I understand that it could be considered an "enhancement," but I don't really appreciate disallowing modifications required to fit a grip to a shooter with small hands.

The custom "mid-length" magazine release in my Glock 19 is still not allowed in Stock Service Pistol division, but the extended one used for the 34, 35, 20, and 21 pistols is allowed.  I modified a competition part to make it smaller, snag-free, and more appropriate for an actual defense pistol.

I guess they aren't allowing the Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 recoil spring assemblies for Gen4 Glocks, because "Slide inserts to accommodate a different recoil assembly design" are specifically disallowed.  If you intend to run minor loads, and a Gen4 Glock you may need something like the Glockmeister Stainless Steel Gen4 Guide Rod assembly with a reduced-power recoil spring.  There may be other options, but that was the first thing that I could find.

The proposed 2013 rulebook still does not specify that plastic grip plugs are legal for SSP, if they protrude from the butt, like the Scherer slug plugs that I always use for carry guns.  You can get away with them in some matches, but not for others (click that slug plug link, I explain why).

Springfield XD pistols will be allowed in Stock Service Pistol division, not forced into Enhanced Service Pistol division.

There is a change to the rules regarding reloading behind cover:
All reloads must be performed behind cover; however, a shooter, who runs the firearm empty while in the open, may initiate an Emergency Reload while advancing to the next position of cover. The shooter must continue moving while performing the Emergency Reload and may not engage any remaining targets until behind cover, if cover is available.
WooHoo!  The 2005 Rulebook specified that all reloads must be performed behind cover.  I never understood the logic of not reloading, should you find yourself standing in the open with a completely empty pistol.  Cover is good, but stages are sometimes set-up so that you must start the course of fire standing (or sitting) out in the open.  I didn't expect that 3 second penalty having not completely mentally devoured the rulebook.  It seemed like the most prudent thing to do.

Until the new rulebook is officially approved, matches will continue to be run under the 2005 Rulebook.

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